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Blog migration, yet again

Finally got a bit of free time to migrate my blog again as Octopress is EOL. I’ve moved from Octopress hosted on AWS over to Jekyll w/ the Chirpy theme hosted on Github pages + Github actions.

Geese migrating Canadian geese migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll, or South, whichever

So far the journey for my blog has been Wordpress -> Octopress/AWS (S3/Cloudfront) -> Medium -> Jekyll/Github pages. It make me laugh because it seems like many others followed a similar journey.

Here’s to hoping that another platform doesn’t convince me to try out their platform. I like to think I’ve learned my lesson but we’ll see if history repeats itself.

I had an ulterior motive as part of this move, which was ‘simplification’. Through this process I:

  • Deprecated 4 domain names and a few registrars
  • Centralized all of my blog content to 1 spot
  • Migrated my email to a custom domain w/ a 12 char email (from my old 28 char domain @gmail)

It was also pretty fun to look through some of my old blog posts and reflect a bit on why I like to blog:

  • I like to solve complex problems and share the knowledge
  • Writing about topics force me to ‘dive a bit deeper’ to gain more knowledge on a topic
  • When I contribute something that I can’t find on the internet I feel like I contribute to the ‘global internet’
  • My blog acts as a bit of a time capsule which allows me to reflect on how I’ve progressed through my career

I think I’ll kick off a personal goal for 2023 around trying to consistently ship blog posts. It’s a muscle I need to build (more ‘reps’ if you will).

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