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Re-enable face id for Apple's family sharing

When Face ID first came out I still preferred entering my password for app store purchases. It just felt more safe/secure. As time went on my trust built in Face ID and I use it wherever possible. We use Apple’s Family Sharing feature which allows the kids to request apps from the app store and then I can approve their purchases on my phone.

The first time this happened I chose the option not to allow Face ID to approve the kid’s purchases. Which seemed fine as I thought I’d be able to change it later on… 4 years later I had tried every possible ‘fix’ on the internet to enable it. There’s many posts about the issue.

Imagine my surprise the other day when I was prompted to enable Face ID for Family Sharing! I made sure to hit ‘Yes’ this time. What had changed? I had changed my Apple ID email a few weeks prior and this was the first time that I had approved something via Family Sharing.

So either Apple fixed the bug or resetting my email reset that flag on their my phone or on apple’s iCloud service.

I wouldn’t go as far as to recommend changing your email as it’s a bit of a pain but maybe this’ll help someone else out who is also being bombarded by Family purchase notifications 😀.

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