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Hey, I’m Ryan! This is where I like to blog/write about things related to software engineering and software engineering leadership. I currently reside in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I lead an amazing software engineering team at Jobber as the VP of Software Engineering.

List of projects/hackathons

Visual Studio Team Services - Extension

Pretty Cards - A tool for printing out user stories/bugs in a specific format that works great on SCRUM boards. Github / Visual Studio Marketplace


Multi-clip-monlith - Attempt to build a cross platform clipbaord that would store a history of copy/pastes. Electron unfortunately (at the time) wasn’t mature enough to move it forward. Github


Agile Health Check - Custom web app to monitor the health of an agile team over time. Github

yeg-rubyists - A site to list blogs/tweets from yeg rubyists. Github

AWS Amplify Calculator - A calculator for the AWS Amplify Service. Github


Gem Sort - A simple game for children. Drag the stars into the correctly colored box. Built for iOS and OSX with Rubymotion/Joybox.iOS (iPad): Github / OSX: Github


batman.utilitybelt - A utility library for batman.js. Github


Stripe - Presentation
Decent Exposure - Presentation
Twilio - Presentation
batman.js - Presentation
OAuth2 - Presentation


Rails Rumble

Alertzy - Hackathon project. Sent SMS/email reminders for garbage day/field closures/road plowing. Over 80+ reminders sent per day. Github

Prompt Pass - Built for the 2015 Rails Rumble. Created for teams that want to transfer passwords securely with 2FA. Github

Folderchute - Built for the 2012 Rails Rumble. Using mover.io we moved files from file storage service to file storage service (ie Dropbox to Google Drive). Written in Rails/AngularJS. Github repo defunct.

Gemrage - Built for the 2010 Rails Rumble. Our dream was to allow developers to install a gem to list out the most popular gems. Github