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AWS AppSync Calculator

We’ve been leveraging AWS AppSync more and more recently and it really bugged me that AWS doesn’t have a calculator for it. As you start using more features such as websockets (which they refer to as “real-time data access and updates”) it starts to get really complicated.

I was doing it through an excel spreadsheet but recently I created a small react.js app deployed on AWS Amplify Console.

You’ll have to download and setup the github repo to view the demo as the demo site has been deprecated.

Getting started

If you want a quick preview scroll down and click on ‘Populate Sample Data’ in the Sample Scenarios section. I’ve mirrored the scenario that AWS uses here.


I have the code hosted on AWS CodeCommit but I’ll flip it over to github and open source it over the next few weeks. If you want it sooner, shoot me a message.

Update: I’ve open sourced the calculator. You can download it here

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