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Birth Control Reminder Text (SMS) Free - Alertzy.com - Canada & USA

Hey Everyone,

I just finished adding a birth control reminder to www.Alertzy.com! It was an interesting addition since I don’t have any “business knowledge” on how the whole birth control system works.

Here’s how it’s broken down: There’s 2 types of birth control, 21 day and 28 day. The 28 day puts a “spacer” for 7 days (a sugar pill) after the first 21 days. I really wanted to be able to allow both (rather then sending a message every single day). So I set it up that the 21 day reminder to put a 7 day gap (with no text(SMS)) at the end.

Why did I choose birth control for Alertzy? Alertzy’s “motto” is reminders for data that CHANGES. Anything that could be easily punched into a calendar, you won’t see on Alertzy. There’s 2 levels of complexity when taking birth control, reminders, and which cycle day you’re on.

The 28 day reminder part is simple (and could be easily punch into a calendar), however Alertzy also includes the pill #. This seems to be a large difference when compared to other competitors. With Alertzy you don’t need to turn a dial on a birth control system, and you always know which pill you’re on for that day.

The 21 day reminder has a large advantage over the competitors also. Not only would it be a huge pain to punch into a phone, it also gives you 7 day grace period at the end of your 21 days. After the 7 days you’ll start back at cycle #1 and not have to worry about tracking which day to take it.

Hopefully that explains why we chose to have a birth control reminder. Remember that Alertzy’s birth control reminder is a free service, phone independent, and available in Canada and the United States!

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