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Best CRM 2011 Bug Found?

NINETY FIVE PERCENT. It’s the magical number that you need to change your zoom (CTRL Mouse Wheel Down) or click the zoom down in the bottom of IE 8.

It’ll blow up your tabs and completely KILL your browsing. It basically makes CRM 2011 unusable (laggy and clunky). I’m not sure if it’s a CRM 2011 thing, or IE8. Pretty funny regardless. I’ve tried other zoom percentages and I can’t seem to find any other magic numbers yet :D. There was a pretty big laugh among the dev team when we couldn’t find any other percentages than 95% that caused the problem.

Let me know if you’ve found a better bug! I heard via twitter that someone removed all of the admin accounts at once (which can be done if you do it all in 1 go, not sure if it’s been fixed as of yet).

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